Thinsulate Gloves and Covid-19 Reviews

thinsulate gloves

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Thinsulate Gloves and Covid-19: Product Information, Benefits, and Reviews

If you’re getting tired of the constant handwashing (or if you’re already dealing with dry skin from all that soap and water) to protect yourself from COVID-19, you may wonder if you could get the same protection by wearing gloves.

After checking the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gloves are not necessary for the prevention of COVID-19 in non-healthcare settings. CDC, wearing thinsulate gloves is recommended when you are cleaning/disinfecting or caring for someone who is sick.

Wearing gloves should NOT be a replacement for practicing good hand hygiene. However, if worn correctly, it does provide some benefits to an extent. 

When to Use Thinsulate Gloves

Gloves are NOT necessary for the prevention of COVID-19 in non-healthcare settings. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)[1], wearing gloves is recommended when you are cleaning/disinfecting or caring for someone who is sick. 

  • When cleaning. You can wear white gloves when you are routinely cleaning and disinfecting your home. Make sure to follow precautions listed on the disinfectant product label, which may include: wearing gloves (disposable or reusable) and having good ventilation to get fresh air into the room you’re cleaning. Also, always wash your hands after you have removed the gloves. 
  • When taking care of someone who is sick. You can wear gloves if you are taking care of someone who is sick at home or in another healthcare setting. Wash your hands before wearing the gloves and after you have removed it. Use disposable gloves when disinfecting and cleaning the area around the sick person (or other frequently touched surfaces in the home). Use disposable gloves when touching or having contact with body fluids (saliva, vomit, urine), blood, or stool. After using disposable gloves, dispose them properly in a lined trash can. Do NOT reuse or disinfect the gloves. 

In other situations, wearing gloves for prevention of COVID-19 is not necessary due to the following reasons:

  • Wearing gloves can give people a false sense of security, thinking that it is enough to protect themselves from the virus. Regularly washing your hands for at least 20 seconds remains the best defense against COVID-19.
  • In healthcare settings, gloves are normally disposed of after every single interaction with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. However, in non-health care settings, people usually wear the same pair of gloves for touching different surfaces. If one of the surfaces they touched is contaminated with the virus, this may result in contaminating multiple surfaces, which may increase the risk of getting COVID-19 for you and others.

Wearing disposable vinyl gloves should NOT be a replacement for practicing good hand hygiene, including regular handwashing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. 

Note: As per the CDC, guidelines and recommendations for glove use in the healthcare and work settings will be different from recommendations for the general public.

BRUCERIVER Men Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining Size L/XL (Anthra)
  • Features 100% high quality wool outershell - the warmest natural material available.
  • Keep your hands warm with 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation plus fleece lining.

Wearing Thinsulate Gloves: Uses and Precautions

If worn with appropriate precautions, gloves can be helpful in some situations.

  • When you are cleaning and disinfecting your home.
  • When you are taking care of someone who is sick at home or in another healthcare setting.
  • When required for your work.
  • Wearing gloves might act as a reminder to touch fewer surfaces and prevent you from touching your face.

Always wash or sanitize your hands before putting on the gloves – and after taking them off. Also, make sure to change your gloves when they become soiled or damaged. Lastly, disposable vinyl gloves should be thrown out and NOT used again once they have been taken off.

Thinsulate Gloves: Product Information and Benefits

Thinsulate™ is a trademarked brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation made by 3M. The name comes from a combination of the words ‘thin’ and ‘insulate’, and over the years, Thinsulate™ has replaced feathers and other insulating materials used to increase warmth in clothing. Since the mid-1980s, Thinsulate™ has been used in garments made for the US Army. When Thinsulate™ technology is used in work gloves, they can keep a worker’s hands comfortable and warm.

Thin and lightweight, Thinsulate™ fibers are composed of polyethylene terephthalate or a combination of polyethylene terephthalate/polypropylene. The insulation created by weaving these fibers together is used in work gloves, outerwear, and boots. According to 3M, Thinsulate™ is manufactured in 7 different insulation formulas used in a variety of PPE products.

Resisting water, while also allowing your skin to breathe, Thinsulate™ is the go-to choice for people seeking protection against wet and cold environments. Its moisture-resistant microfiber construction traps more warmth in less space than other types of insulation. Moreover, its fibers are around 10 times smaller than other similar material. Further, the fibers are compacted into insulated cloth, resulting in higher levels of warmth and offering comfortable and reliable protection from the cold.

When exposed to water, Thinsulate™ retains its original structure, unlike other materials. With Thinsulate™ gloves available, you no longer have to wear bulky work gloves that inhibit your movements. 

Thinsulate Gloves Reviews

There are currently a broad range of Thinsulate™ gloves available in the market. Below, we review some of the top Thinsulate™ gloves you should check out.

  • Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining features 100% high quality wool outershell – the warmest natural material available. Keep your hands warm with 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation plus fleece lining. Added warmth for your wrist with elastic Rib knit cuff. High quality, classic style, men’s knit gloves.

Here are some reviews from users[2]:

“Gloves are very worm and comfy. But for my purpose was trying to find gloves a bit thinner that I could wear under disposable Nitrile rubber gloves. But they do very well as under gloves for thinner winter gloves.” – Damon Cummings

“Very nice!! I just had them on in 17 degree weather digging around my car with a shovel! My hands were toasty. Size is always an issue when ordering on line and I have medium to large hands! So the sizing cones in two sizes sm/med large/xl! I went with the larger size! I usually were a large. These gloves fit, but the finger length is a little long on the pinky and pointing finger! But I always have this problem. I think I would need custom made gloves lol! 

Anyway, if you want a very warm glove that is wool, instead of the snow ski looking glove then this is the way to go! I did have my hands in the snow and they did not get wet.” – Tricer

“I like taking walks outside, even in the cold weather. I have a problem with my hands getting too cold though, so bought these to help. They seem to insulate well and are comfortable to wear. The cuffs even unfold to give a little more protection higher up on the arm which was nice when it was really cold outside. The touchscreen feature works okay, although it was a little difficult to do fine movements. I tested these out by playing Pokemon Go while wearing the gloves. I could do most tasks although some, especially, clicking on the buttons, took some effort.” – Bill 

“Thick and wonderfully soft on the inside. A great value. Poor blood circulation in my hands cause my fingers to quickly turn white on even moderately cold days. These keep my fingers unfrozen and pink on below freezing days. Don’t overpay for something just as effective.” – Joshua

BRUCERIVER Men Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining Size L/XL (Anthra)
  • Features 100% high quality wool outershell - the warmest natural material available.
  • Keep your hands warm with 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation plus fleece lining.
  • RIVMOUNT Winter Ski Gloves for Men Women, 3M Thinsulate

Made of Advanced 3M Thinsulate Insulation, professional waterproof coating shell and durable TPU, with a series of humanized design, is Warmer and More Breathable, More Waterproof and More Windproof than normal ski gloves. 

Here are some reviews from users[3]:

“I used these for the first time yesterday. I live in Western NY State and was part of the winter storm that blew through. Lots of snow and wind chills far below 0. I was out snow blowing for over 3 hrs. and wore these gloves. Not once did my hands get the least bit cold. Comfortable and not restricting like some cold weather gear. I highly recommend these.” – Brian Guinnip

“My fiancé LOVED the gloves he is a truck driver and is outside a lot and opening and closing those truck back doors isn’t the best when it’s below 0 outside here in Illinois. And let me tell you, he mentioned he did not feel a spec of cold comparing how before he would almost get frost bite without the gloves or regular gloves .

I purchased the xl for his large and long fingers/ hands although Large would of been fine I think these were still comfortable and roomy if he wanted to put a hot pocket in there. The little zipper compartment is perfect for a loose key or hot packet (hand warmers). I give it a 5 start all around, worth the money, sturdy, and thick enough for below 0 weather.” – Yesenia 

“Got these for a last minute ski trip, and I was not disappointed. These are nice and thick to keep you warm, while still being easy to take off and put on. They’re also flexible enough to allow you to have a good grip, and the treads on the palms really make sure you don’t drop your poles. Highly recommended!” – Jake W. 

“Rivmount ski gloves seem well designed with an adjustable wrist cinch, built in pocket, 3M thinsulate insulation, and an additional 4″ extended coverage up the arm with another cinch to keep snow from entering the glove. The gloves have a soft feel and are comfortable to wear. They are properly sized and a must for anyone who participates in outdoor activities during the winter months!” – Geo

  • Broadway Lady’s Classic Thinsulate Lined Leather Gloves by Pratt and Hart

Pratt & Hart gloves offer a clean, classic line with casual, warm winter comfort. Made from super-soft sheepskin leather, they are lined with a super thin layer of Thinsulate. These gloves are standard dress glove length, extending 1.5-2′ beyond the wrist. There is an elastic wrist gather keeps cold air where it belongs…out! 

Here are some reviews from users[4]:

“These gloves are beautiful. Soft smooth leather. Ox blood is a great rich color. I have medium/ large hands and wear a size 7 3/4 ring on right hand and 7 on left. Fit is perfect(size8). A tad long in the fingers but that’s fine if you have nails. I keep mine short and the extra room doesn’t look or feel weird. Warm and attractive.” – Donna 

“They fit well with enough room for tall rings and long nails. I’m glad they are lined with Thinsulate as my cold tolerance isn’t what it used to be. It will take a while to wear down the smooth leather surface on the fingers and palms – right now I’m fumbling with keys and phone a bit until the surface gets worn down some.

The pair of gloves this purchase replaced were 15 years old. I expect to get the same wear quality from these based on first impressions of this pair.” – Lisa Lemanski

“I needed another pair of gloves so that I wouldn’t constantly be raiding the pockets of one jacket for gloves to wear with a different jacket. These are what I wanted – they’re a slim (not bulky) glove, they fit easily into pockets or purse, and because they’re leather I can get a good grip on the steering wheel. They wouldn’t be good for extended outdoor cold-weather wear as they’re more of a “dress” glove, but they’re perfect for the purposes for which I needed them.

I bought them a half-size larger than I probably needed, but nothing is more irritating to me in a glove than fingers that are too short – I’d rather have them a bit long than a bit short. Thinking seriously of buying one or two more pairs in different colors. I’m very happy with these and the price was absolutely right!” – Mary Clausen 

“1st impression- I was skeptical about quality due to reviews. Needed to replace amazing old brown buttery soft leather gloves with thinsulate that were lost. I think I got them from Target. Desc. Did not show 3M thinsulate tag, nor country of origin. These arrived well packaged, with 3M tag sewn inside, a made in Phillipines tag, and are very soft. They appear to be of equal quality as my old gloves bought elsewhere 12 years ago.They smell of leather as they should. Size 7.5 fits softly, nice and snug, which should mold to my hands quickly. Fingertips are a bit longer than my hands. My nails are kept short. Length won’t be a problem once they get acclimated to my hand and my fat little finger stretch them out in the opposite direction. I hope the brown dye holds up. Will update review later. Good for the price for sure.” – KTM

Bestseller No. 1
MOREOK Winter Gloves -10°F 3M Thinsulate Warm Gloves Bike Gloves Cycling Gloves for Driving/Cycling/Running/Hiking-Gray-L
  • 3M Thinsulate QUALITY FABRICS- Constructed with multiple layers of 3M's 40g super-efficient Thinsulate insulation and 140 grams warm cotton, ensuring breathability and maximum heat retention. They are light enough to ensure optimal mobility and dexterity.
  • SENSITIVE TOUCH FOR SMART SCREENS-MOREOK gloves are coated with a conductive fabric on the thumb and index fingers allowing you to tap and swipe easily. You can better touch screen of your smartphone, iPad, tablet as well as your car while driving without taking your hands out in cold weather.
Bestseller No. 2
MOREOK Waterproof & Windproof -30°F Winter Gloves for Men/Women, 3M Thinsulate Thermal Gloves Touch Screen Warm Gloves for Skiing,Cycling,Motorcycle,Running-Black-L
  • 【3M Thinsulate Insulation】200 gram 3M insulation provides extra warmth and continues to insulate even in wet environment,it traps body heat efficiently and provides twice the warmth of other type gloves,highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Suitable for all kinds cold winter conditions. It provides comfort and keep heat in and snow out, provides reliable weather protection from cold elements.
  • 【Touchscreen & Wear-Resistance】Sensitive touchscreen compatible all thumb finger part, which allows you pick up call when cycling,skiing, snowboarding and riding without taking off the gloves.The ergonomic comfortable palm of the glove is coated with wear-resistant anti-slip nitrile rubber which increases the friction, helping you have a firm grip on the tools. Easy to wipe snow and fog on ski glasses or faces with terry cloth on thumb part.
SaleBestseller No. 3
SKYDEER Winter Work Gloves with Windproof & Wear-Resistant & Thick Full Deerskin Leather Suede and 3M Thinsulate Insulation (SD8671T/M)
  • [ Full Premium Genuine Deerskin Suede ] - The whole glove is made by genuine deerskin Suede to provide better comfort and warmth. It is naturally soft, flexible, breathable, lighter weight and no skin irritation, with good abrasion resistance
  • [ Warm Insulation ] - 3M Thinsulate Insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap hands heat while allowing moisture to escape. Keep the hand temperature to the maximum extent possible

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