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Mexican Masks: Read This Review and Discover Its Benefits

Looking for a comfortable, effective, yet still stylish cloth face coverings? Try Mexican masks!

It’s been more than a year, but wearing a face mask still feels unusual for most people. Putting on a face mask anytime you go out in public can feel a bit unusual and even uncomfortable for some. Is it worth it? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us that YES, face masks are absolutely essential to slow the spread of COVID-19. But why?

Numerous studies[1] have shown that many people with coronavirus don’t have any symptoms, and that even those who eventually develop symptoms can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms. This means that the virus can spread between people who are close to each other when speaking, sneezing, or cough, even if they aren’t showing any COVID-19 symptoms. 

Because of this, the CDC recommends wearing face masks in public settings, especially in areas where other social distancing measures are hard to maintain such as in pharmacies and grocery stores. 

You might be wondering, ‘What if I want to go out without wearing a mask? What if I’m willing to take that risk?’ Even if you feel this way, think about the people around you. Often, it’s difficult to tell just by looking at someone whether they are in a high-risk group, such as people with high blood pressure. No one wants to accidentally spread the virus to someone who might have severe complications if they catch it. If you wear a face mask and practice social distancing when out in public, you can feel good about knowing that you are part of your community’s effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

For the general public, the CDC recommends cloth face coverings. Surgical masks or N95 respirators are crucial supplies that is often reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. 

Tips for Safely Putting On and Taking Off Your Face Mask

Here are some tips to safely put on and take off your face mask:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching your face mask
  • Only touch the ear loops when putting on your face mask
  • Avoid touching the front of the mask or your face
  • Wear your face mask above your nose
  • When removing your mask, use the ear loops to take it off
  • Place your mask on a clean paper towel or tissue face down
  • If you wear a surgical mask, wear a new one daily
  • If you wear a homemade or cotton mask, make sure to wash and dry it daily

Types of Face Masks

Some masks work better than others. Here are the recommended face masks as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)[2]


  • Medical procedure masks (sometimes referred to as surgical masks or disposable face masks)
  • Masks that fit properly (snugly around the nose and chin with no large gaps around the sides of the face)
  • Masks made with breathable fabric (such as cotton)
  • Masks made with tightly woven fabric (i.e., fabrics that do not let light pass through when held up to a light source)
  • Masks with two or three layers
  • Masks with inner filter pockets

Not Recommended:

  • Masks that do not fit properly (large gaps, too loose or too tight)
  • Masks made from materials that are hard to breathe through (such as plastic or leather)
  • Masks made from fabric that is loosely woven or knitted, such as fabrics that let light pass through
  • Masks with one layer
  • Masks with exhalation valves or vents
  • Wearing a scarf/ski mask

Mexican Masks: Information and Benefits

Looking for a comfortable, effective, yet still stylish cloth face coverings? Try Mexican masks!

Amid this global COVID-19 pandemic, many Mexican designers make face masks to stay afloat, while also keeping the community safe[3]. “Face masks have helped us to survive, maintain and provide support for the young men and women who work with us,” said Álvaro López Jiménez of the family-run El Manantial textile workshop in Pueblo Nuevo, which opened 25 years ago.

Typically, their workshop manufactures 100% cotton shawls, tablecloths, bedspreads, and curtains. It shifted to face mask production after Álvaro’s brother, José López Jiménez, returned from a major handicraft expo in mid-March without having sold a single item of the inventory he hauled to the state of Guanajuato. “There were news reports then of mask shortages and panic buys,” recalled Álvaro López Jiménez. “That’s when we started making prototypes and models for face masks and they’re what got us through the toughest months of May and June.”

They sold their first batch of masks to the state government. Then, local hospital workers started buying them. They’ve since sold 3,000 face masks. Álvaro López Jimenez says those sales allowed his family to retain all 30 employees, though at reduced hours.

Today, many Mexican masks can be found in the market. 

DISCLAIMER: This mask is not a replacement for medical grade protective equipment. Please remember using a mask does not replace other recommended measures. Please continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, refrain from touching your face and follow your country guidelines. 

Mexican Masks Reviews

Below, we take a look at some popular Mexican masks in the market, along with reviews from users:

  • Day of The Dead Skull Flower Adjustable Anti Dust Face Mouth Reusable. This mask is very soft, breathable, waterproof, washable, and is made from 100% polyester. It is equipped with two activated carbon filters with replaceable 5-layer protection and an M-shaped nose clip. Plus, you can freely change its length according to your facial contour to ensure it fits you well. 

Here are some reviews from users[4]:

“I like the fact that this lovely mask also has an additional filter. Both mask and filter are washable. Two filters arrived. I discovered over time that this would be my “go to” mask which I would keep on the gearshift of my car, with regular washing. Two masks arrived and I find that good value for the low price. I use it with a plastic face shield as well. I have to behave as if I will be unavoidably within range of an infected person. I’m in my 70’s now, and I need to feel safer running errands. This works.” – Millicent 

“It is exactly how I pictured it. My wife absolutely loves it. Easy Adjustable, has a bendable nose clip in it comes with multiple filters that fit right inside the Nifty pocket, easy to exchange the filters as well. My wife is very excited to wear it out!” – Eric 

“Nice silky feel to outer side of mask. Love the graphics! Love the adjustable ear loops. Great mask!” – Andrea 

  • Mexican Sugar Skulls Day of The Dead Flowers Mask. This mask is made out of high-quality cotton. It offers anti-dust protection and has double layer protection for air-borne dust protection. Suitable for adults and youth – it covers half of the face from nose to chin to provide a secure and comfortable fit for most people. Washable and reusable – long-term washing does not deform. 

Here are some reviews from users[5]:

“First time I do a review this fast! I loved it so much and can’t wait to try it on! It also came in with two filters and the mask has an opening on the inside in which you can add the filter through. It is perfect. The sizing is adjustable and work perfectly! Loved it!” – Giselle Jimenez

“Not only does it look great, the adjustable straps make it comfortable and allow me to position it in a way that my glasses won’t fog up. Comes with filters. Great Buy!” – Count D

“Cute and comfy. It’s adorable. I will wear it all the time.” – Rosieposie 

  • Garde Art Studio Mexican Sugar Skull Printed Facial Decorations. This mask is made out of 100% skin-friendly polyester – it is breathable, comfortable, and integrates fashion into health! It features an adjustable nose bridge for a more wearable fit. Note that this mask is suitable for basic hygiene protection for daily travel, but does not have the function of a rigorous medical mask.

Here are some reviews from users[6]:

“I love candy skull ANYTHING. This covers the mouth and nose, and I love the adjustable ear straps so I can share it with my daughter if she forgets to leave hers in the car. It’s colorful and breathable. Washes nicely too.” – Janie Cox

“Fabric is comfortable, 2 layer construction, breathable. I ran two 5ks this week wearing this mask the whole way, no issue. Ear loops have neat clasp that allows you to independently adjust nose and chin tension. A+, 10/10, will buy again when I inevitably lose it.” – Arthur H. Bousquet

“Very comfortable mask. Compared to the scratchy disposable masks , I highly recommend this mask for it comfort and statement.” – LMcFadden



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