Edelbrock Air Cleaner and COVID-19 FAQs and Reviews

edelbrock air cleaner

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Edelbrock Air Cleaner and COVID-19 FAQs, Product Information, and Reviews

As we all socially distance and stay at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some may be asking themselves what else they can do to flatten the curve. While regular handwashing and staying at home remain the most effective ways of containing the spread of the virus, there is conflicting information about the role and efficacy of air cleaners like Edelbrock Air Cleaner

In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about air cleaners and how it relates to COVID-19. We also review Edelbrock Air Cleaner and how to best use it to improve indoor air quality.

FAQs: Air Cleaners and COVID-19 

Below, we answer some FAQs when it comes to air cleaners and COVID-19. 

Can using an air cleaner like Edelbrock Air Cleaner protect me from getting COVID-19?

Using an air cleaner like Edelbrock Air Cleaner is NOT enough to protect you from getting COVID-19. However, can be a part of an overall risk mitigation approach to reduce your risk of getting the virus. While there is no direct scientific evidence of benefit, some reduced exposure can reasonably be inferred based on the ability of some filters to remove particles that contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

However, in order for filters to have any impact on infectious disease transmission, filters have to be installed and maintained properly to treat recirculated air. Plus, filters have to be appropriately designed for the building in which they are used. 

Doesn’t filtration require that the droplets that cause COVID-19 be airborne – and in large droplets? 

Yes. Most public health guidance suggests that COVID-19 transmission is primarily associated with large droplets. This is why using an air cleaner like Edelbrock Air Cleaner is only a small part of a solution as it does not normally address transmission from surface contact or from close contact between people. 

However, the distinction between airborne and droplet is particle size. We know that 1) droplets can stay airborne for long periods of time and 2) droplets change in size depending on several factors (i.e. low relative humidity will usually cause droplets to become smaller. Moreover, RNA and DNA from other viruses that are normally associated with droplets have been found on used filters. 

What filter should I use to protect those in my home or building from COVID-19?

There is no specific answer to this question, given the unknowns about the nature of SARS-CoV-2 containing droplets and particles. However, we do know that low-efficiency filters (i.e. less than ePM2.5 20% according to ISO 16890-1:2016 or less than MERV 8 according to ASHRAE Standard 52.2) are very unlikely to make a difference. 

Properly installed higher-efficiency filters can remove particles of a relevant size, depending on their installed capture efficiency. However, current information does not allow for precise recommendations. 

What safeguards should I take when changing filters?

Generally, it’s always wise to assume that filters have active microbiological materials on them. Whether this represents an infectious disease risk from viruses is not known; however, precautionary principle would suggest that you should take appropriate safeguards. This is especially important in any building (including a home) where there are likely or known cases of any infectious disease, including COVID-19/ 

When replacing filters on an air cleaner like Edelbrock Air Cleaner, make sure that the system is turned off, wear gloves (with respiratory protection if available), and if possible, do it outdoors. Then, dispose the used filter in a sealed bag. 

Can a car air cleaner like Edelbrock Air Cleaner get rid of all the pollutants in my vehicle?

With so much time spent in your car, you will want to provide yourself and your passengers with the best air quality possible, especially amid this COVID-19 pandemic. An air cleaner like Edelbrock Air Cleaner is a great solution for better air quality in your car. However, note that using an air cleaner is NOT enough to protect you from COVID-19 – proper handwashing with soap and water (or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer) and social distancing are still the best ways to protect yourself from the virus. 

Edelbrock Air Cleaner: Product Information

About the Company. Founded in 1938, Torrance-based Edelbrock, LLC is recognized as one of the nation’s premier designers, manufacturers and distributors of performance replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket. Edelbrock produces their core products in the United States of America using state-of-the-art equipment in their world-class manufacturing facilities. Edelbrock, LLC now encompasses six locations including three in California, two in North Carolina and one in Mississippi.

In February 2020, Edelbrock along with its Russell Performance division joined forces with the Memphis, TN-based COMP Performance Group that includes COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST Fuel Air Spark Technology, Racing Head Service (RHS), ZEX, Inglese Induction Systems, Powerhouse Products, COMP VThunder and COMP GoParts.

Today, Edelbrock manufactures and sells a broad range of Edelbrock Air Cleaners. Below, we review some of them:

  • Edelbrock 1223 Pro-Flo Black Finish 3″ Round Air Filter Element with 14″ Diameter

Delbruck triple chrome-plated round air cleaners work with all popular 5-1/8″ diameter carburetors (Performer Series, Thunder Series AVS, Holley, Thermos-Quad, Quadra jet and Carter AFB). 

The 10″ and 14″ models have knock-outs in the air cleaner base for use with Delbruck crank case ventilation adapter #1205 (sold separately). #1208, #1209 and #1221 fit all Delbruck carburetors. Heights of air cleaners are in parentheses, measured from the gasket flange to the top of the supplied retaining nut. Dimensions are accurate within 1/8″.

Here are some reviews from users of this Edelbrock Air Cleaner: 

“Installed this on my 2001 dodge 2500 5.9L Magnum as a update for the poorly designed factory air intake/filter system. I am happy with the built quality. Has a knock out if you want to pipe the crankcase breaker into the intake. I opted for a self contained breather on the valve cover.” – Amazon Customer

“This is officially the nicest part of my 94 C1500. It’s a rusty old motor with 181k miles but this air cleaner makes me feel like I have a hot rod in the garage. Remember to purchase a single stud conversion if you have a 2 bolt EFI throttle body like I do.” – RC-Nut

  • Edelbrock 1208 Pro-Flo 10-Inch Round Air Cleaner

The Edelbrock Pro-Flo Air Cleaner provides the perfect solution for low hood clearance problems. They offer superior flow capacity and excellent filtration. This air cleaners have a raised base style and come in a round shape. The top of the air cleaner is made of steel and comes with a mesh finish. The base material of the air cleaner is made of steel and comes with a beautiful chrome finish.

Here are some reviews from users of this Edelbrock Air Cleaner: 

“This Air Cleaner looks really nice. If you don’t have a vent hose for the bottom of the cleaner you will need a plug to seal. Other than that it works great.” – Rdross 

“Works great, looks so much better than stock. Used on a 1406 edelbrock carb.” – Daniel 

  • Edelbrock 1221 Signature Series Air Cleaner

The Edelbrock Signature Series Air Cleaner line coordinates perfectly with the Signature Series valve covers to make your engine special. Stamped from 18 gauge steel and triple chrome plated, the round air cleaners work with all popular 5-1/8″ diameter carburetors. The 14″ models have knockouts in the base and include an adapter for crankcase ventilation.

Here are some reviews from users of this Edelbrock Air Cleaner: 

“Quality still good with Edelbrock when most companies are making things cheaper. Edelbrock continues to make a good product. The breather is the best quality for that price range. I buy several at a time. It’s always good to have a new chrome breather on the shelf in your garage. You might need a small spacer to clear the fuel line on the Edelbrock carbs. with this breather. Unless you use and Edelbrock banjo fitting.” – John P. 

“Not much to say- the quality is standard for Edelbrock, which is always good, and the filter isn’t the best, but serviceable, also standard Edelbrock fare. I would buy another one at this price if I needed to. I like the simple and understated for my engines, and this fills both categories. Comparing the old beat up air cleaner I had before, this was a major step up.” – S Keith Allen 

  • Edelbrock 4266 Air Cleaner

Introducing the next generation of Elite Series accessories Elite II. This new line of accessories features a design that is influenced by the original Elite Series originally released in 1985 but with a new modern take on this classic look. They’re made from heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum and are finished off with a show quality high luster polished finish.

The raised fins are accented by a contrast gloss black finish between the fins for the definitive Elite Series look Our Elite II round air cleaners fit all popular 5-1/8″ diameter carburetors and include a black anodized knurled nut. They come with a high-quality 3″ pre-oiled washable and reusable Pro-Flo Universal filter with the exclusive Pro-Charge(TM) clean strip for easy maintenance and excellent filtration.

Our oval air cleaners are designed to fit Edelbrock single- and dual-quad applications and should clear HEI distributors and stock parts They come with high-quality 2-1/2″ washable pre-oiled reusable filter for excellent filtration Overall oval air cleaner dimensions are 13-5/8″ x 7-3/16″.

Here are some reviews from users of this Edelbrock Air Cleaner: 

“Wow, great air cleaner in Red color. Matches my car. I absolutely love it and it gives the engines bay a real classy look especially with my edelbrock intake that matches. Nice steel mesh surrounds intertwines around the air cleaner to compensate for the heavier top that covers it—this stop it from squishing down the air filter. 

Had to cut down the threads on hold down screw on carb with hacksaw to make it fit…and it screwed on perfectly. This was a Great Deal and I get lots of compliments at the car shows I attend. Go Edelbrock!!! They make the best quality accessories for your car and I will continue to buy.” – Rayman 

“One excellent air cleaner, very high quality.” – Ahmad Alrasasi


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