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Domain Name
Keyword coronavirus
TLD .us
Category Health
Demographic Usage Global
Business Potential Content Publishing
Product Website
Global Cause
Domain Age 5 Years
Selling Price Make Offer , is a website with article contents specifically for coronavirus topics such as Coronavirus Latest News, health–related articles with covid-19, economic impact, coronavirus evolution, and prevention. domain name is the hacked version of today’s most top trending topic “Coronavirus”, which causes a worldwide phenomenon affecting the global economy. domain name commands a huge business potential for investors and entrepreneurs and will draw a massive following if this domain will be developed for a global cause. And this domain is presently listed for public auction. domain still retains its original registration date of 2016, making its solid 5 years presence on the net with an exceptional advantage for global cause and/or commercial purposes, once developed.

Included on this sale is the domain name ( ), the website, and the complete article contents of this website, which will be done by transferring this whole digital asset to your own and preferred domain registrar and hosting service provider.

Important Data & Stats

Google Search Results 2,960,000,000
Search Volume ( Global ) 48,000
Top 6 Countries Search Volume
United States 17,000
Mexico 3,200
France 2,000
Brazil 1,900
Germany 1,900
United Kingdom 1,600
Cost-Per-Click $1.22 USD
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Samples of the Best Domain Hacks in Active Use
This superb domain hack is used for redirection by Taco Bell. The use of the name was recently shared on Twitter by the .co registry, but I could not find a publicly-announced sale of the domain name. It is currently listed as their website on Taco Bell’s Twitter account.
This has to be one of the best domain names in the .win extension. The name sold earlier this year for $22,500, and it’s already in redirection use by the Twin online casino business. It will be interesting to see if ultimately they use it for their main site or simply wanted it for redirection.
The .top new extension makes for numerous great hacks, including this one that is in direct use by the Chinese Super Token cryptocurrency site. The domain name sold for $161,684 in 2017 direct from Jiangsu Bangning. This could have been a superb domain name for many different types of businesses, and it’s not surprisingly the highest-value sale of a domain hack in the NameBio database.
This interesting domain hack is also a domain twin, a repeated word on both sides of the dot. It is in use by a site that sells various meme-themed merchandise. There is currently not a public record of its sale price.
The .ly extension is used in many domain hacks, including this one that sold for $100,000 in 2011. It is currently used for redirection to the products page at Infor, a hybrid cloud artificial intelligence products promotion company.
This domain hack sold late in 2017 for $25,000 at Flippa. While it has an almost endless number of possible uses from pools to waterparks and swimwear to diving equipment, it is currently used by Jon Buch for redirection purposes to the .com of his own name. He is a founder at Vio Publishing and previously was a creative director at Gigya. Gigya is now part of SAP.
The German .de extension makes for lots of good hacks, such as that sold for $25,000 at Sedo in 2012. The domain name is used for the main website of MADE, a talent curation company.
The word “atop” means simply on top or first, and this domain hack is used by the Asian digital asset exchange. The domain name sold for $96,670 in 2014 at
Not surprisingly, this descriptive domain name is in use for a diet site. The domain name sold for $10,000 in 2016.
The .es domain extension can be used for plurals of various words. The domain hack sold in 2009 for $10,695 at Sedo. Wisely, it is in use by Netflix as a redirect.

Other well-known brands/companies that have acquired and actively use domain hacks:

While all of the aforementioned companies also hold the corresponding .com names (i.e.,, etc.), it is worth mentioning that Microsoft redirects to the “hacked” version, thus favoring the latter.

Domain Hacks for URL Shortening Services
Companies that build and offer URL shortening services are for instance:

  •, which is a “brandable” domain hack, as “bitly” is an invented word that (at the time of writing) can not be found in a dictionary